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Railway Corridor Progress Update

As far as I can remember, the very first time I saw the train slowly making it’s way across the road was on board a public transportation vehicle.

Back than, my curiosity and questions was left unanswered as I was with complete strangers.

That very first encounter also make me realise how strangely slow this enormous, magnificent piece of moving metal plies across the railway crossing. Just as I resign to the fate that this will last forever, the barrier was finally lifted.

How time flies, this stretch of land the old train once travel is now back to Singapore.

Murnane Pipeline Project (future-proofing water demand of Singapore) is ongoing with parts of the corridor inaccessible to all who holds strong memories and deep attachment to this place.

This will be an update (May 2019) to it’s progress and whichever part is still available to the general public.

Starting from the access point at the junction of Kranji Close and Kranji Road (Opposite Kranji Water Reclamation Plant), we can make our way in or out here.

Simply follow the visual guide to give you a peace of mind as we trek down this memory lane.

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It still feels kind of weird without the tracks. Try and visualise it when the trains slowly plies its way back and forth Singapore and Malaysia in the past.

The railway passes through Sungei Kadut Avenue.

The next crossing is at Stagmont Ring. For Alfresco dining lovers, there is a Club July here.

Note for the bikers. At this point, there is the choice to take Pang Sua Park Connector Network (PCN), located in the outskirts of Yew Tee or ride along Woodlands Road. Tell you why later.

Passing by Yew Tee Flyover and Kranji Expressway.

As we approach the heavy vehicle carpark near Junction 10, there’s another opportunity to leave the old railway trail to Woodlands Road (A) or PCN (B).

The old path taking us through the back of Junction 10 no longer exist.

You can make a final detour here. The trail will resume at the opposite end of Choa Chu Kang Road. This is the reason why bikers have to consider other options. There are more minor disruptions (blockages) up ahead.

There’s some interesting stuff here but I’ll leave it for you guys to find out for yourself.

Further up ahead, the trail crosses Gombak Drive. Cashew Station (DT2) is to our left.

Further down, the trail splits just before Hillview Station (DT3). To our right, we can take a hidden path to HillV2 for a coffee break, or hit the road to our left.

Seems like rarely anyone pass through here anymore. Pretty active wildlife in this area.

Here’s a shot of one, there’s many more scuttling off the path.

The old bridge that connects both sides of Hillview Road is removed.

From here on, bikers passing through will have to take the route along:

  • Upper Bukit Timah Road >>Jalan Anak Bukit>>Rifle Range Road (beside bus stop opposite Bukit Timah Plaza)>>Bukit Timah Road (If you would like to stay close to the old trail)
  • Dairy Farm Road>>Belukar Track>>Rifle Range Road>>Overhead bridge (For those up for a challenge and avoiding crossings, with a tight schedule)

to get back to railway trail since Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge, Hindhede Bridge and Bukit Timah Truss Bridge is off-limits.

The pathway beside Hindhede bridge is still accessible but it only takes you to Jalan Anak Bukit, just before Pan Island Expressway (PIE) where the bus stop opposite Bukit Timah Plaza is.

The trail resumes after the overhead bridge, beside Bukit Timah Truss Bridge.

After passing by Bukit Timah Railway Station, keep a lookout for directional signs to get you through the worksite.

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Holland Road is straight ahead after re-emerging from the forest. The option to grab a meal is just 10 minutes away to our right.

Pressing on, we’ll eventually reach Bukit Sedap Road which takes us back out to Holland Road where Cold Storage Jeliita is.

If you need the restroom, there’s one at level 2 (leftmost of building). There’s also Delifrance, Mister Mint, Guardian, KCuts, Starbucks and Times. Cold Storage is on level 1.

The trail continues beside Caltex, down a flight of stairs.

This 1km trail, newly enhanced and pipe laying works completed, (reopened on 30 June 2018) passes underneath 2 overhead bridge.

The first bridge connects East Sussex Lane and Ghim Moh Green.

The initial part of this enhanced trail offers a nice view of the JC to our right.

The next overhead bridge offers a panoramic view along North Buona Vista and Ghim Moh Road, overlooking the outskirts of the estate.

Finally, the trail comes to an end near Buona Vista MRT train station, near an underpass.

All those walking really raise the gut revolt in me. Time to check out Holland Drive Food Centre for any good eats.

To be continued…

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