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Movies Under The Stars, Snacks, Shorts And Swan!|2019 19th Of July

If you simply can’t get enough of watching movies outdoor and under the stars, you’re in for a free treat (yummies inclusive).

A BIG Thanks to Singapore Art Museum (SAM) for partnering with Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) to organise an alfresco style movie night at SBG Eco-Lake Lawn.

This event is in conjunction with SBG Heritage Festival 2019.

Note: This event is already over.

Not wishing to be late, I settled my dinner at Adam Road Food Centre (FC), grabbed a Power Avocado drink (SGD $3) from Fruitopia and head immediately (faster than a speeding bullet, nah) to ‘chope’ (reserve) myself a best spot for the movie screening.

Shortcut to Adam Food Centre

That reminds me, Singapore’s hot and humid weather (not forgeting the glaring sun) can be unforgiving.

Having your meals at Adam FC can still be done with minimum effort by taking the overhead bridge outside Bukit Timah Gate of SBG (refer to image above for directions).

The way to alfresco screening

Back to acquiring a spot for the movie.

To get to Eco-Lake Lawn, make your way (see above, 5-min walk from Botanic Gardens MRT station) through Trellis Garden. Follow the straightforward path in the direction of the hype.

There’s no way you can miss the white Pop-up booths and the crowd!

By the time I got there, there is already a long queue for free popcorns, muah chee (glutinous rice snack mixed with crushed peanuts and sugar) and ice cream.

There are other booths with fun activities (art) for kids.

Clear cloudy night sky

It was a fine evening with lovely clouds and clear skies.

Starry night with no chance of raining meatballs..lame.

All set for the screening

There was a slight delay (late sunset) for the screening so I managed to ‘set up camp’ (haha, no i aint sleeping overnight) and settle down in good time.

The movie tonight is a curated compilation of award-winning local and international short films featured, in an order the one that follows after, will be even more spectacular than the previous.

Grouchy swans and onlookers

The ‘shorts’ wasn’t the only highlight of the evening, something else was happening at the booths near the end of the screening.

The commotions and lightings by this event must have disrupted and aroused the curiosity from the pair of black swan living at Eco-Lake.

One of the swan was highly upset and made a lot of snorting sounds, which I guess, must imply ‘When is the ruckus gonna stop, we want to sleep!’. ‘Sorry, fellas, just a while more!’

While the pair stays grouchy and miserable, their presence caught the attention of those at the edge of the lawn.

Kids were elated, adults forgot about the movie, couples and a few ladies took the opportunity to get up-close, and ‘snaps’ (not the blip caused by Thanos) were taken.

alfresco screening

Finally, the show’s over. I kind of laughed and feel bad for the both of them, as I accompanied the two, while they make their way back to their nest.

The most grouchy of the two makes one more loud snort and fully stretched out its wings as if a disgruntled adult was saying ‘Ah! Good riddance! Finally!’.

The “Best Shorts” worn (from those present) of the evening was announced as the two of them hit waters.

Btw, the nearest restroom from here are at Melati Gates and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Tonight’s shorts was rather interesting.

It’s thought provoking, connects with our daily struggles in life, portrays viewpoint from different people of different background, questioning the meaning of life and what really matters to us.

Stunning visuals complement various way of storytelling.

The shorts ‘Ah Nam (consequence of letting just a small accomplishment getting over their head)’, the one before it (a girl’s life journey to adulthood till old), the girl call ‘bean’ and how the sea turns blue, the story of a blind man, are some shorts that really leaves a lasting impression on me.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience!

There is another screening on 20th evening (7:30-9pm).

Snack giveaway starts from 6:30pm while stocks last.

To know more about this event, visit NParks, sbg, look under the movies section, shorts under the stars.

If I’m not wrong, I think I heard them mentioning something about National Geographic.

Come on down tomorrow evening and have a look for yourself if you’re interested.

I would love to join in again but I’ll have to sit this one out. Have fun!

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